Narrow is The Way

“Constricted is the way that leads away into life, LITV.
Jesus did not say “hard is the way”
It is more like “compressed” YLT
The Way is narrow in that it can only be found in Christ Himself.

Scientists look farther and father for biological life in other places in the universe.
Still nothing.
Water ok.
Germs. big deal.

The natural creation is extremely exclusive when it comes to life.
Our planet is like an island in an vast ocean of uninhabitable space. Death.
We have been born into the only place where there is natural life.

This is a testimony of the narrowness of His eternal Life.
Adam is 7 billion people animated by death itself. But eternal Life is in One.
Christ alone.
One man and One Way.

And the cross was the narrow gate. It was the eye of the needle because it was impossible for us to get out of ourselves. It is only made possible in God.

“With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible” Mt. 19:26

The narrowness of the Way is only constricted in proportion to how immensely impossible it for man to attain salvation by his own strength and on His own merits.

You died with Christ.
You are risen in Him.

The gate was only tight upon entrance. If you can see it, you have been funneled through this door into an unimaginably wide place. In Christ you are in the New Creation. You are now born again into the only place where there is eternal Life
You have been brought into “the land of the Living”.

When literal translations show Jesus saying we are to believe “INTO” Him. it is not at all about becoming Jesus pr anything but abiding in JESUS. He is the secret place of the Most High. He is our only refuge,

Many of the Samaritans out of that city believed INTO Him” Jn. 4:39 LITV

“The one who hears My word, and believes the One who has sent Me, has everlasting life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life” Jn. 5:24 LITV

“I am the Bread of life; the one coming to Me will not at all hunger, and the one believing INTO Me will never ever thirst.” Jn.6:35 LITV

“Truly, truly, I say to you, the one believing INTO Me has everlasting life. I am the Bread of life.” Jn 6:47-48 LITV

“The one believing INTO Me, as the Scripture said, Out of his belly will flow rivers of living water.” Jn 7:38 LITV

I am the Resurrection and the Life. The one believing INTO Me, though he die, he shall live. And everyone living and believing INTO Me shall not ever die forever”Jn. 11:25-26LITV

“”Jesus cried out and said, The one believing INTO Me does not believe into Me, but Into the One sending Me” Jn 12: 44 LITV

“I have come as a Light to the world, that everyone who believes INTO Me may not remain in the darkness” Jn 12:46 LITV


Three Marys

Three Marys were there with John.
They saw it all.
And they saw nothing.
They did not see The Door opened.
They saw the hyssop but missed The Lamb.
They didn’t feel His spotless wool.
They did not hear the cry of Abel’s blood.
A gamble for an ephod.
But they saw no Great High Priest.
The Judgment of All.
“It has been finished.”
A creation ends.
Every generation.
The mountain is cast into the sea.
The oblation cup issues both water and blood.
Four horns anointed.
The Last Adam gone.
All men dead.
Bronze scales.
A serpent in the wilderness shining in the Day.
Moriah’s fires burned but they saw no light.
Warmth on the Father’s face.
A dawning highlights the new horizon.
They did not question
They didn’t shout at the emptiness of what they witnessed.
I scramble for a scrap to write on.
What do I write?


Beholding Him

“Now we all with uncovered face mirroring The Lord’s glory, are being transformed into the same image, from glory to glory even as from The Lord, the Spirit” 2 Cor. 3:18 CLV

There will always be those who say beholding Jesus is not enough. They say this because they are not seeing Him. They are only seeing a method. Jesus alone is The Way.
Seeing a method for our own enhancement is not having a single eye, it is not seeing Him.
You find more of whatever you fix your eyes on.
Flesh gives birth to flesh.
Spirit begets Spirit.

Transformation is in Revelation
The changing is in The beholding
The wholeness is in The witness
His Possessing is in The gazing
His occupation is in The observation
His expression is in The vision
His living is in The looking

“Mirroring” His glory is about “The Spirit Himself bearing witness with our Spirit, that we are the children of God.” Rom. 8:16. This is not a distinction between a human spirit and The Spirit. God is Spirit. You have no Spirit except The Spirit Himself. And when you see Him, He is not off away in heaven. He is in you, He is the love “shed abroad in your hearts.
His Spirit.
Mirroring His Glory is about being made to see as He sees; Knowing “as we are fully known.”
Knowing Him “face to face” is now.
It is a New Covenant relationship.

If you see someone looking into a mirror you can see two but there is only one because the mirror only reflects the image of One. It is not your face and God’s face looking at each other. You are not half of the reflection. This mirroring is about His appearing in you. It is just Him
and His increase in you.
The the ark of the testimony showed two Cherubim in the holy of holies
Inside the veil
face to face
There were never really two.
It is the increase of One.
It was always about His Appearing.
It is about His grace.
It is about His increase.
It is One with another.
It is Christ in you.